I’ve had this sketch for a while now and I’ve already coloured it…buuuut I didn’t like how it turned out :(…so today I tried again…I think it’s much more detailed :) hope you enjoy some Shakarian

Anonymous said: Ahhh so i think i'll try the Zaeed one ! Well, thank you again for everything, i don't want to take more of your time, but your advices were very valuable, and thank you for you kindness !!! Best of luck for your exams too, i'm sure you're going to do great !!! Have a great day !!

aw thank you you’re so sweet :) and please feel free to write me whenever you want! I’m more than happy to reply! :) Have fun playing with mass effect and enjoy your holidays!! :)

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Anonymous said: yes i re tried once and now only miranda died (still better) but now that you mention it, she was the only one not loyal cause of her stupid fight with jack ! I guess i'll restart the mission with loyal characters this time ! No, it's only by reading things and seeing drawings that i knew that her and zaeed could be found ! But if you say they are dlc, that means they're not so important and appear in ME 3? Cause i have no idea how to download these and i don't know if it's worth it !

Yes they can only appear if you download the dlc :) Zaeed is free….for Kasumi instead you have to pay! They are not crucial to the story…they only add some contents and some missions :) 

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Anonymous said: i FINISHED THE GAME IM CRYING MIRANDA DIED THANE DIED LEGION DIED I SUCK SO MUCH and i saved the data but i'm sure i shouldn't have and i'm seeing characters that i never heard of like kasumi ??? who the hell is she i never had her on my team and i couldn't even have morinth cause samara killed her first oh my god i am so sorry of bothering you with this i'm just so sad, i hope that these death won't impact mass effect 3 this is just so fucked up

hey don’t worry :) you can always restart the game or the final mission :) it’s pretty normal to screw things up the first time you play :)…it’s really really important you upgrade anything you can on the normandy and of course you do all the loyalty missions…you should have a red circle under the characters when you select your squad members! And in the final mission you have to select characters that are loyal to you :) try again the collector base mission and switch some characters you used…maybe they won’t die this time ! Anyway are you seeing Kasumi in the game? Because she is a character you get with a dlc…so it’s pretty weird O__O

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I’m trying to improve my female Shepard….when I try to draw a character the most difficult part is to get the features right…making him/her recognizable! D:

Anonymous said: Yead i don't know i end up screwing every romances and now it's just shepard and kaidan's pic. ughh i didn't even see where i lost jacob and garrus ! but whatev' i'll start again ! ehee that's smart i might do it too !! have you played mass effect 3 ? hey that's so cool!!! must be hard though ! Well i'm good, mostly played mass effect, and i've bought dragon age ! It's a bit boring cause my friends are gone on holidays but hey at least there is a lot of ways to play mass effect !!

Yes I’ve played it…almost 4 or 5 times xD I understand why most people were disappointed by it…but it’s still a great game anyway…the romances are really really good in Mass Effect and the third game is very emotional :) Anyway I’m sure you’ll enjoy it in one way or another! :)

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Anonymous said: Hey !! Oh jeez that sucks :< !! What kind of exams are you taking ?Yeah i heard that people don't like much the third but i can't buy it cause i'm out of money ! Well i got almost all my team (1 unknown dude missing?? weird) and did everyone's quest but after the talk where he spoke of turian preparation he doesn't talk anymore :( ! And he's such a cutie so yeah i'll restart the game !! Beside i heard cheating will have consequences on ME3 so i'll get 2 games, one for Garrus and one for Kaidan !

mmh maybe something went wrong with the romance…I don’t know…that’s kind of weird actually!! But you can always restart it as you said :) That’s what I did! I restarted Mass Effect 1…it seems like you have to romance somebody anyway so I just had to kill off Kaidan on Virmire D: So I could romance Garrus on the second game without cheating anyone! xD Anyway I have an exam left for this summer…I study Nutritional Biology :) how about you? are you enjoying your holidays? :)

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Anonymous said: Hello ! Here is the Mass Effect anon again ! I just wanted to know how you were doing ! No questions this time, i promise ! I finished ME1 and i'm in the middle of the second one ! It's quite good for the moment, but i think i screwed up all the romances and i won't be able to get Garrus which is fucking annoying! Also it sucks that as fem!Shep you can't get to romance Jack or Miranda ! And i do miss Kaidan ! But the game is easier to play and i'm excited to finish it ! Hope you're fine !!!

Hi! Nice to hear from you again! :) I’m fine thanks…right now I’m a bit busy with my exams! I loved Mass Effect 2…in some aspects it’s my favourite one! Why do you think you screwed up the romance? The romance with Garrus is amazing I hope you get the chance to try it out! Anyway you can always restart the game and “choose” different things :) And you’re right! there aren’t a lot of romance options for a female Shep…that’s a shame!!! -__-

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